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We founded Rivas Supply to help define the future of American made apparel. We believe in making smarter, more sustainable apparel, so you can buy less and do more. 


We named Rivas Supply after our favorite hiking trail in Los Angeles, a hidden gem at the end of a private road--don't let the surveillance cameras and private patrol signs stop you! The trail winds along the lush Rivas Canyon creek bed before switch-backing into the Santa Monica mountains, rewarding you with majestic views of the Pacific ocean. This special place where city meets wilderness is the perfect metaphor for our brand of designer performance gear.


Rivas Supply bridges the gap between cutting edge technical performance and contemporary design. 

We handcraft short runs in our Los Angeles workshop using innovative materials sourced from the world’s most advanced fabric mills.


The apparel industry is exceptionally harmful to the environment, and exploitative of labor. In fact, it’s the second dirtiest industry on the planet behind only fossil fuel production, and has a greater ecological impact than large scale agriculture.

Yet we all need to wear clothes. At Rivas Supply we create the most sustainable and functional pants we could imagine. Functionality is key to sustainability, since the most ecologically conscious thing we can do is consume less. The more durable and versatile our clothes are, the less we need to buy. 

With a crowd-funding model that cuts out excess inventory, warehousing, and marketing costs, we can offer our premium quality gear at a price point that gives more people access to the sustainable apparel movement. 

Our gear is packed with performance features, yet they’re styled in a low-key way so you can wear them everywhere. They’re made with 100% certified sustainable materials—fabric, thread, buttons, and snaps—in a family-run workshop here in Los Angeles, that pays their craftswomen and men an average of 200% the California minimum wage.

Thanks for walking this trail with us! 

Liam McAuliffe